An instant 3D body visualisation.


"Easily portable and easy to use 3D scanning rig to make partial or full 3D body scans of people."


Kinetic Analysis® with Agile Source® provide a 3D scanning solution for medical and wellness usage. Proper diagnostics are the starting point of a practical approach in achieving personal goals.

Accurately measuring personal biometrics and progress over time is motivating you to a healthy lifestyle, measure progress from tracking body weight and shape to muscle gain, this device gives you the data you requested.

Additionally, for medical imaging purposes, there is a toolchain, and practical experience in selecting and transforming areas of interest from CT and MRI scans stored in DICOM format into 3D objects, such as blood vessels, organs or bones.


Uses are among others inspection, treatment planning, patient communication and treatment simulation in a virtual environment or as 3D printed phantoms.

Boot Camp
Corporate Vitality 
Mechanics at Work
stad Crowds
Vital Cities Challenge
Measuring stress for mental wellbeing
Interactive learning in primary schools
3D Scanning
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