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A Contract Research Organisation (CRO) supports companies in the development of healthcare-technologies or -services to enhance one’s position on the market. We assist in decreasing financial risks and increasing the impact of the product by offering a solid body-of-evidence. This is accomplished by adding value to the innovations that appeals to the target population.

Kinetic Analysis® is an innovative company that focuses on the development and implementation of new healthcare technologies for a wide audience. We specialise on healthcare-innovations based on human movement behaviours, and how this can be effectively applied in improving overall health status and quality of life. Succinctly, innovation is of extremely high value for the company.

What can Kinetic Analysis offer you? As a CRO we offer support to companies looking to develop products or services that focus on movement based functioning, our expertise being human motion data and technology in healthcare or sports. The services we can offer as CRO are developing and executing research involving human subjects, in the broadest sense. This could be an intervention focused on decreasing sedentary behaviour, as well as a chair that improves sitting-posture or an application that assesses movement intensity.


How does Kinetic Analysis distinguish itself compared to other CROs? The CRO-service was born from our own interest in scientific research, and the value it can add to the market position of a product. Clinical evidence makes products that are already good even more appealing to other professionals; and can convince end users using powerful arguments. In addition, health insurers or investors value relevant and solid evidence supporting the use or development of the product or service. In our opinion, information/data gathered through scientific research is a powerful tool for product optimisation. The collected information/data will therefore always be shared with the costumer, including our vision for its optimal use within the organisation. Hereby effectively using the results and information, obtained through the study, to improve the product or service.

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Kinetic Analysis® increases the impact of several health tech innovations by supporting them with profound clinical evidence. In collaboration with our academic partners we are conducting scientific research in the fields of health and sports while we make sure to integrate a User Experience process when it comes to the end-product or service. 


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