Improvement in assessing the balance.


Accurate measurements and data analytics make you see things you can't see with the human eye. A new instrument for assessing postural control and the risk of falling.


One of the cornerstones of the company is this fall risk and balance assessment project. 'Human motion data improving quality of life' in it's finest. This product with SAAS benefits the elderly to live longer in their homes and feel safe about fall risk. Since 2016 of research invested, together with over twenty health professionals and nearly 2000 elderly involved, we came up with something unique for a continuously increasing population, of older adults. It shows how health technology really can make a difference in people's daily lives.


Kinetic Analysis® developed an innovative measurement tool to support fall prevention for the elderly in nursing homes. Current developments focus on a more healthy and independent lifestyle in the elderly, preferably to stay in their home situation as long as possible. Safety in the home situation is the key to maintain home living on a longer term. 


The risk of falling determines the degree of independence. Several studies show that one out of three home dwelling 65-plus, and 50% of the 80-plus years of age fall once a year. Forty per cent of the falls leads to injury. In ten per cent of the cases, it even leads to serious injury. Patients in Dutch nursing homes fall on average twice a year. Falling is the most common cause of damage to the elderly. It is therefore desirable to determine this risk for individuals as accurately as possible, to target preventive interventions on time. 


From the genesis of this innovative project, it is now easy to measure full body kinematics with an easy to use sensor and software. Based on our developed algorithm, implemented into software users can easily get accurate insight into postural control and fall risk in an elderly population. 


By developing a new measurement tool and a standardised performance test, monitored with an infrared sensor, the degree of balance can be measured accurately at any location in individuals during the performance of various tasks. Specialised physiotherapists and podotherapists can more effectively help the elderly to prevent falling. 


Several partners were involved in the further development of this instrumented balance test. Mainly healthcare institutions in the south of The Netherlands were involved for the clinical validation, such as Revant rehabilitation center, Envida Care Group, PMC Heusdenhout, and Avans University of Applied Science. VU University Amsterdam and RSS help to share their knowledge and the dissemination around the development of this innovative measurement tool on a global level.

Kinetic Analysis® is sponsored by Microsoft as a member of the Kinect for Windows developers program, allowing the company to work with the Kinect v2 sensor and SDK before its commercial release. Regio West-Brabant encouraged the early development by awarding a grant from the Regional Economic Action Program.

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