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Posture detection trough textile.


Prevent lower back pain by detecting fatigue and maintain correct spinal alignment.

A correct bike-set-up is crucial for back health. Despite that, a Norwegian study on 116 elite road cyclists showed that 94% of this group had suffered overuse injury during the previous year. More than half of the cyclists experienced lower-back pain during the last year. On this elite level, incorrect bike geometry wasn't a likely factor in causing these issues.


When cyclists pedal to exhaustion their hamstring and calf muscles become more tired leading to changes in muscle movement patterns. These changing patterns mainly affect the lower back and knees due to altered spinal posture. To prevent lower back pain, we aim to avoid poor movement patterns occurring due to fatigue and maintain correct spinal alignment.


Nano4Sports aims to stimulate innovation in sports, physical and health domain by developing new innovative solutions. In this Cycling Textiles (CYTEX) case the University of Gent and Kinetic Analysis collaborate in developing new measurement techniques using smart garments to capture lower back posture in the smallest detail.

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