Don't get lost.


If someone has insight, they are able to understand complex situations. Every three seconds someone in the world develops dementia.

Wanderers’ are elderly suffering from dementia, who cannot find their way home and get lost trying. Unfortunately, this group of elderly is increasing with time. Kinetic Analysis came up with a solution; a ‘Smart Jacket’, which has an incorporated navigational system that should guide the wanderer home when he or she gets lost.

The Smart Jacket is based on a simple idea: helping elderly in need to get home. However, the technique behind it is a lot more complicated. The navigational system in the jacket should guide the wanderer home, and should ensure the caregivers can follow the moves of their loved ones on a screen. 


Another complication is how to determine when the wanderer needs help. It could be one is just standing still for a few minutes to talk, rather than trying to figure out where to go. Sensors monitoring signs of distress help to imply if the wanderer has lost his way home.

Also, a home button is implemented. If the wanderer realises he/she is lost, they can push the home button, and the jacket will guide him or her at home. Both these features require the wearer to be comfortable with the options that the jacket provides. Therefore, the 'Smart Jacket' is introduced to the elderly in an early stage of their dementia, so they can get used to it before they need it.


Kinetic Analysis leads the development of the product, engaging IT-specialists for the development of a platform for the caregivers and technicians to further optimise the sensors and navigational system.

The research team at Kinetic will provide scientific evidence once the product is ready, which will help the 'Smart Jacket ' will build a strong position on the market.

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