E-TEXTILES in Sports

A project supported by Interreg

e-Textiles that help you to gain the edge.

Personal coaching through your shirt while performing sports activities. Receive feedback on the quality of your movement and get notified when fatigue occurs. 

Kinetic Analysis created several smart garments over the last years in collaboration with partners throughout Europe.

The 'Smart Sports Textiles' project is developing a smart shirt for runners that will have functions that will improve the way they run. Currently, Kinetic Analysis collects data on various parameters via their mobile running app or smartwatch. 

The 'Smart Sports Textiles' project combines this data and adds heart rate monitoring and body biomechanics based on seven smart sensors. The advantages are a unique insight in both physiology and biomechanics that is being collected real-time and leads to a better understanding of performance. 


This 'smart shirt for runners' is designed for the consumer market and enables them to identify training loads even when they get tired during a run. The smart 'onboard computer' gives you easy to use feedback on one's running style and helps the runners to train for optimal performance. Using the 'Smart shirt', the run will become more free, faster and with reduced risk of injury. 

PR's will get crushed using this unique smart garment. 

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Smart Sports Textiles
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