Health, our precious.


"Solve a health problem and improve the quality of lives with health technology. From HTA to CRO Kinetic Analysis provides services and develops products for the health domain, primarily focussing on the paramedical field."

Matured innovations form several domains, like sports which served as a cradle to help new target groups. 

Healthy Aging; Kinetic Analysis® gained years of experience in the sports and health domains and applied the output for people's daily life vitality. Among others, measuring groups of people improving sustainability at work and make them more active. 


Data is widely used in the medical field to monitor vital signs. However, many improvements are still ahead of us.

Kinetic Analysis® explores less invasive ways of research and ecological valid diagnostic tools that can be accessed by broad audiences. Kinetic Analysis® brings the lab to people's doorsteps. Data analytics experts are providing solutions and observe new personalised supportive ways.


Improving telecare for COPD patients
Mechanical Orthosis for children with neurological disorders
Diabetes and WELLbeing
Objective Balance Testing for Elderly
Dementia  Wander Coat 
Personal Prevention of Falls (PPOF)


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