Integrate physical activity with the regular learning sessions.


"DIM is an application that will be used to integrate physical activity with the regular lessons in the primary school environment."


DIM (Digital Interactive Movement) focusses on the behaviour of children and adolescents by using gamification to motivate them to increase their physical activity.

DIM is an application that will be used to integrate physical activity with the regular lessons in the primary school environment; this will lead to multiple advantages:

  • By using the app to incorporate physical activity with the proper learning sessions, physical activity during school hours will increase

  • Through the use of gamification, and by enclosing the educational material in a game, scholars will be motivated to improve their physical activity while learning

  • The game-component of DIM will generate the connection between physical activity and fun.

Kinetic Analysis® is participating as the CRO in the DIM project,  closely involved and responsible for collecting and building the evidence of the importance of DIM in today’s society. 

Data is collected to investigate the effect of DIM on physical fitness, physical activity and learning performance of the scholars. Results from a 6th-grade class, where DIM was integrated into the daily routine was compared with the results from a 6th grade class, subject to the typical educational routine.


Inactivity amongst scholars will continue to grow over the next couple of years, increasing the need for initiatives like DIM. Using scientific research to build evidence supports the product and the market position. 


Kinetic Analysis® has delivered scientific evidence that supports DIM to differentiate itself in a growing market.



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