Gain the edge.

"The world of sports is continually changing, and we all want to become the better version of ourselves, that's where Kinetic Analysis gives you the advantage."



Kinetic Analysis® when founded, focused on improving the athlete's performance using technology.  Field testing for measuring performance in teams was always one of the main activities of the company. 

Elite athletes have very high standards when it comes to measuring performance and goes hand by hand with accurate monitoring.  Kinetic Analysis® has managed to deliver accurate scientific data by objectifying the output performance and limit the 'guru factor'.

In sports, personal development needs proper planning where technology and science support each other and help teams or individual athletes gain the edge. 

Kinetic Analysis® has identified through the long experience from the elite athletes, how to focus on the essentials. By treasuring this experience and insights, sports technology has become available for a wider audience of grassroots sports and smart gyms.


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Lactate Sensing Patch
E-textiles in Sports
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