Elite athletes use Motion Capturing for personal development.

When the difference it's between a silver and gold medal.

Kinetic Analysis® was founded with the goal to improve the athlete's performance using technology. The excellent standards to which elite athletes need to perform require the highest standards in their support. Applying a scientific protocol, objectifying the results and limiting the 'guru factor' are part of a well-designed plan for the personal growth of the athlete's. Kinetic Analysis® gives insights to athletes and their medical and performance support teams.

The results that sports technology offers are unique as they capture high-velocity movements that can't be identified with a naked eye. 


Kinetic Analysis® is using motion capture suits to accurately capture sports-specific biomechanics and kinematics data. This process offers a solid base for a truly personalised training plan on and off the field.

As an athlete, you know where you want to go, you know which records you need to crush. Kinetic Analysis® will help you get there in the fastest and the most efficient way, to support you to overshoot your performance level. Using the latest technology that captures your unique sports-profile. We build the foundation for your personalized intervention, specified on your next win. 


Kinetic Analysis® empowers you to have a better focus on training goals that truly make the difference to become the best version of yourself. It's in the details.


An athlete wants to be able to perform to the very best of its potential. Achievements can always be improved, movements can be more precise, and PRs are there to break. Kinetic Analysis® helps athletes to reach the highest of their performance's potential.  



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