Live your life to the fullest.


"Let technology assist you in your daily life. Experience a more comfortable lifestyle, experience personalized planning based upon your body metrics. Kinetic Analysis puts people back in the lead of their lives."


Kinetic Analysis® gained years of experience in the domains of sports and health applying the knowledge to improve people's vitality in daily life.

Currently, we coach businesses, cities and countries to improve vitality for more happiness, productivity and sustainability.  

Learn about the latest wearables tracking activity, reduce stress and promote an active lifestyle. Experience our platform giving personal insights and coach you towards the most vital version of you.

We facilitate large scale measuring days with large groups of people.

Data became critical in daily life within our society and can help us now to stay vital too.

Daily, a lot of data is collected on risk factors, processes of care, cure, and healthcare consumption. Kinetic Analysis focusses on enhancing the role of data to people's life quality.

The right choice of technology helps a better understanding of the human body and supports personal goals. 

An intelligent, data-driven plan helps to the improvement across the most critical aspects of personal well-being.

Boot Camp
Corporate Vitality 
Mechanics at Work
stad Crowds
Vital Cities Challenge
Measuring stress for mental wellbeing
Interactive learning in primary schools
3D Scanning
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