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Improving life quality with
human motion data.

Revolutionise the way we live.

The future is now

We demonstrate the added value of data and technology in people's life, altering the perception and the capabilities of the human body functions daily.
We grew as an expertise-based shell in the sports tech market and expanded rapidly into the health- and vitality sector.

Contracted Research 

Finding facts and building evidence for the impact of new health technologies and methodologies. 

We set up effective ways for digital data collection and decentralised clinical trials.

Product & Service Development

Our team of experts build bespoke data capturing solutions for the lacunas in health, sports, and vitality.  

Data Valorisation

Providing solutions on how to use data and create social and economic impact.

Unprecedented Insights.
Pure accuracy.

We specialise in human motion data. We capture data using next-generation sensors and customised measurement tools, resulting in highly accurate input that improves people's lives.
We have managed to quantify the human body motion with scientific accuracy. The retrieved data leads to the development of innovative products and services that revolutionise the way we live.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Kinetic Analysis® supports businesses to solve complex problems accurately and efficiently. A strategic plan and decision is never a risk-free investment. Still, now we can use science and technology to solve existing problems in a data-driven way. Innovate towards the golden goal and customize solutions based on the actual values and business needs. 

Kinetic Analysis® is the business partner that takes you to the next step bridging the innovative vision into a tangible solution. 

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