Our Latest Projects

Kinetic Analysis® supports businesses to solve complex problems accurately and efficiently. A strategic plan and decision is never a risk-free investment. Still, now we can use science and technology to solve existing problems in a data-driven way. Innovate towards the golden goal and customize solutions based on the actual values and business needs. 

Kinetic Analysis® is the business partner that takes you to the next step bridging the innovative vision into a tangible solution. 




Sit comfortably, enjoy the future!

Kinetic Analysis® delivers solutions for measuring ergonomics and comfort using smart textiles. Now you get real-time insight from the driver’s posture on the car seat.


Our team listened carefully and delivered a bespoke solution. Consultation, problem identification, design, and built a customized solution to respond precisely to the target.

Pharmaceutical industry


Safe medication production can save lives. How? By Kinetic Analysis' motion capture solutions for cleanroom usage with specific training software.

Kinetic Analysis provides a scalable solution for use of motion tracking in laboratory environments, providing an objective source for safety in the production of pharmaceuticals, food or electronics.

Smart Cities

Vital Communities

The Vital Cities Challenge project is about equipping cities with the right tools for data-driven approaches to better engage citizens in physical activity, in line with the Council's Recommendation on promoting health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) across sectors. Kinetic Analysis® is leading projects colla-borating with cities and institutions to promote a healthier lifestyle creating socio-economic impact for Europe. 

Sports Technology

Royal Dutch Hockey Federation

Kinetic Analysis® is a valuable partner of the Royal Dutch Hockey team using the latest technology analyzing unique game situations. 

Since 2017 we work closely with the team, especially focussing on optimizing the drag-flick technique with showing flow & sequence, delivering Biomechanical & Kinetic parameters to screen injury risk & optimize performance.

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