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Human data alters the way we perceive life.

Our Projects



Sit comfortably, and enjoy the future! Kinetic Analysis® delivers solutions for measuring ergonomics and comfort using smart textiles. You get real-time insight from the driver's posture in the car seat. Our team listened carefully and delivered a bespoke solution—consultation, problem identification, design, and building a customised solution to respond precisely to the target.


Royal Dutch Hockey Federation

Sports Science

Kinetic Analysis® is a valuable partner of the Royal Dutch Hockey team using the latest technology to analyse unique game situations. 

Since 2017 we have worked closely with the team, primarily focussing on optimising the drag-flick technique by showing flow & sequence, delivering Biomechanics & Kinetic parameters to screen injury risk & optimise performance. 




Safe medication production is primordial for the pharmaceuticals and the patients. 
Kinetic Analysis' motion capture solution is a global innovation for cleanroom safety applying a bespoke solution to measure while providing specific training software.

Kinetic Analysis provides a scalable solution for the use of motion tracking in laboratory environments, providing an objective source for safety in the production of pharmaceuticals, food, or electronics.

Science Lab


Sports Technology

Get real-time insights on lactate levels using a smart patch that uses biochemical sensing on sweat—designed for athletes in collaboration with European Olympic Teams. Lactate threshold training is a popular method of improving high-intensity endurance performance. Because the lactate threshold can be significantly increased with training, many athletes and coaches now choose IDRO as a foundation for their training schedules.​


Vital Cities Challenge

Smart cities

The Vital Cities Challenge project is about equipping cities with the right tools for data-driven approaches to better engage citizens in physical activity, in line with the Council's Recommendation on promoting health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) across sectors. Kinetic Analysis® is leading projects collaborating with cities and institutions to promote a healthier lifestyle creating socio-economic impact for Europe. 


BvOF 2020_0914_AGG license Brabant - Kinetic Analysis - Sportslapp.jpg


Sports Technology

Track all 3D data in one app with SportsLapp.
We are helping trainers, coaches, and therapists use kinematics data and improve the performance of individuals on all levels.
The application is primarily built to interpret biomechanical data with artificial intelligence. Helping professional therapists, coaches, and trainers make decisions with confidence. Personalization is an amalgam of science and technology for accurate data-driven insights for athletes and patients.



Athletes 4 Society

Smart cities

​​This project aims to inspire, support, and stimulate sports organisations to increase the public value of sport. Specifically, by empowering sports organisations to develop policies, campaigns, or programs that successfully place athletes as role models towards positive societal impact.
Hence, the running title of the project: "Empowering the Public Value of Sport through Athletes as Role Models". 



instrumented Balance Test

Health Technology

Accurate digital measurements and data analytics make you see things you can't see with a naked eye. The iBT (instrumented Balance Test) is a new instrument for assessing postural control and the risk of falling. Kinetic Analysis® developed an innovative measurement tool to support fall prevention for the elderly in nursing homes. The development currently focuses on a healthier and more independent lifestyle for the elderly, preferably staying in their home situation as long as possible. Safety in the home situation is the key to maintaining home living in the longer term.  


Community Health Screenings


Large-scale group-assessments are the cradle of Kinetic Analysis' business development. We organize screenings that giving insight on vitality and wellbeing levels to individuals. Also, these measurements can anonymously be used to inform policymakers about the needs and accomplishments of various populations in different societies.


Lung Shirt


This shirt is developed for accurately measuring lung functions. This B2B proposition is offered to different markets, ranging from patients with lung problems to usages in leisure domains like sports and vocal coaching.


This product can facilitate self-management by accurate information following changes over time. Early signaling allows users to be treated and training more effective and efficient. 




Ergonomics is focused on optimising in a human-centered way the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products, and systems. Motion capture in ergonomics is one of the technologies for workplace analysis and human task analysis.

Using a motion capture setup, we're able to assess many workplaces in and outdoors. Investing in the health and wellbeing of staff members gives higher rates of retention, reduced sickness absence, and increased productivity.

constuction Worker


Vitality & Lifestyle

The goal of GArMEnt is to change the future of gamification on daily wellbeing. We create the world's first truly modular gaming wearable allowing any game to become an engaging physical exercise.

Typical customers include game apparel and wearable companies. We promote physical activation in gaming including E-Sports.

Stress Patch

Health Technology

There are multiple ways of stress detection using various physiological signals and algorithms. Kinetic Analysis aims to bridge the gap from laboratory studies to real-world settings. Using different biometric signals in-vivo situations like measuring discomfort in children with neurological disease, community-dwelling older adults and people with dementia.

Zorgzaam kind
Wise Logo ORANGE-B-04.png


Sports Medicine

This project aims to encourage participation in sport and physical activity. Its main objective is to determine the influence of exercise, a healthy lifestyle on the body composition of young women aged 15-24 and to define a specific WISE Programme.

It is a multidimensional model of dependence between body composition, lifestyle, and nutrition, enabling the programming of optimal behavior patterns in life habits as a planned corrective measure and stimulating the young women in the EU to avoid the drop out of sports.



Health Technology

MOTION will advance the development, validation and adoption of bionic rehabilitation technology for children with neurological disorders to improve quality of life. Kinetic Analysis has a key roll in developing smart textile as a functional, comfortable, attractive garment that integrates the monitoring sensors suitable for children. This smart garment will communicate with an autonomous and secure lower body exoskeleton for children. Moreover, Kinetic Analysis develops a cloud platform that presents clinical data and data from the exoskeleton and smart garment. 





The Diabetes and Wellbeing (DWELL) project is an international initiative to assist diabetics in dealing with their disease in daily life. The DWELL-project takes an individualized holistic approach, with one-on-one conversations at the base. The goal is to motivate people to change their lifestyle on the longer term, instead of focusing on treating their current (medical) condition, which often seems to be the standard form of practice. Healthcare technologies focusing on activity tracking and sleep monitoring are used to gain better insight into individual patterns and needs. 



Smart cities

WheelPower is a research consortium that is all about Paralympic wheelchair sports. The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in wheelchair sports science. Kinetic Analysis aims to bring this expertise to the wider community by integration into their vital communities platform.

rolstoel Toegankelijkheid
VR Gamer

VR / AR applications

Product Development

Kinetic Analysis is your partner for data driven interventions. Being experts in the domain of obtaining and processing biometric data, this is the starting point for your dream application. Often motion capture data and heartrate data is used to interact and modify the gaming experience.

Sports Screening

Sports Technology

Kinetic Analysis® was founded with the goal to improve the athlete's performance using technology. The excellent standards to which elite athletes need to perform require the highest standards in their support. Applying scientific methods, objectifying the results and limiting the 'guru factor' are part of a well-designed plan for the personal growth of the athletes. Kinetic Analysis® provides unique insights to athletes and their medical and performance support teams.

The results that sports technologies offer are unique as they capture high-velocity movements that can't be identified with a naked eye. 

sportslapp tile.jpg



Every day, five to six older adults end up in the emergency department of the hospital because of a fall with a walker. Besides the impact on a personal level, this costs society about EUR 50 million in extra healthcare costs every year. Prollator is purely aimed at preventing accidents with walkers. With smart sensors and automatic breaking the walker stops automatically if the user stays too far behind it.



A correct bike-set-up is crucial for back health. When cyclists pedal to exhaustion their hamstring and calf muscles become more tired leading to changes in muscle movement patterns. These changing patterns mainly affect the lower back and knees due to altered spinal posture. To prevent lower back pain, we actively correct poor movement patterns occurring due to fatigue and maintain correct spinal alignment. Within Nano4Sports Kinetic Analysis develops new measurement techniques using smart garments to capture lower back posture in the smallest detail. 



Player Tracking

Sports Technology

Player tracking made available for all team players. Sports statistics are entering the grassroot sports arena. Kinetic Analysis developed player tracking based on an IMU-sensor, giving insight into performance on an individual and team level. Player tracking creates a new dimension to team sports through gamification on- and off the field. By calculating measures like explosivity, distance covered and intensity the Skillvol player tracker is able to turn your performance on the pitch into practical information to improve your game.

Digital Interactive Movement

Vital lifestyle

DIM in the classroom replaces written tests with interactive questions in an inclusive, age-level way. Kinetic Analysis provided movement pattern recognition algorithms. Interactive learning is battling overweight and obesity in childhood to diminish their impact on both physical and psychological health. With this project, we are enabling children to learn and increase their physical activity and motor skill.

Screenshot 1.png

Real-time Analytics for Internet of Sports (RAIS)

Data Science

RAIS aspires to provide for early stage researchers a world-class training within a broad spectrum of subjects establishing a fertile inter-disciplinary research and innovation community that will advance: Wearable Technology, Block-chain Powered IoT, Real-time Edge Analytics. Kinetic Analysis® provides secondments on several cases for analytics on both stress- and kinematics data.

Velocity-Based Training

Sports Technology

Kinetic Analysis® was contracted to develop a gym tracker based on inertial sensing technology. Facilitating velocity-based training principles by real-time feedback thanks to embedded algorithms in a wearable fitness tracker. Velocity-based training is the training method with more scientific research behind it and is proven to be the most effective for strength training.


Smart Sports Textiles


The smartShirt monitors athlete's movements through integrated sensors. It combines this sensor data with human motion data to provide instant performance improvement feedback. We constructed several SmartShirt pilot samples – for runners and horse riders – to explore the features of posture monitoring in controlled user tests. These samples have integrated electronic modules that can be applied to a range of garments


Arianna Safe Care

Data Science

This project aims to optimize resources dealing with home care and enable a gradual transition from a centralized model (hospitals and nursing houses) to a decentralized one (at home). 
This transition is advocated by the WHO guidelines on the Aging Society. It is also highly topical due to the spread of Covid-19, which poses a problem of home assistance of people due to the peaks of necessary activities, the inadequacy of health systems, and the need to operate in a decentralized way.

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