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Unique insights and trough a garment as your personal coach, while performing your daily activities. Receive feedback on the quality of your movement, body parameters and environmental factors, become aware of what influences you. 


Kinetic Analysis created several smart garments over the last years in collaboration with partners throughout Europe. E-textiles are a new generation of wearables collecting biometric data. Kinetic Analysis has embedded sensors for monitoring of breathing, heartrate, temperature, stress, motion, posture among others. Beyond the hardware development Kinetic Analysis specifically specializes in giving meaning to biometric data in its relevant context.

Project dates: 2016 - onwards

The 'Smart Sports Textiles', 'Cycling Textiles' and, 'Performance Textiles' projects focused on endurance athletes in the field of cycling and running. These iterations of smart garments gained a better insight into the quality of movement of an athlete and facilitates better performance by real-time haptic feedback. Currently, Kinetic Analysis collects data on various parameters coming from the shirt via their mobile running app or smartwatch. In 2022 the first smart textiles will be available for the medical market.

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