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Community Health Screenings

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 We organize physical screenings that give insight into the vitality and well-being of individuals. These measurements help inhabitants gain personal insights and facilitate policymakers with the needs and accomplishments of various populations in different regions.

Why Screening Communities?

Kinetic Analysis provides healthcare screenings within communities to promote healthy lifestyles. Screenings can be an opportunity to get in touch with individuals about their health. They can help to raise awareness about health conditions and their risk factors, such as the risk of falling or progressive loss of muscle mass and strength, known as sarcopenia.
Screenings help identify health risks early, often before symptoms appear. This allows for earlier intervention and management, improving health outcomes and reducing costs.


Public Healthcare

Screenings can provide data on the prevalence and incidence of diseases and health conditions within a community such as sarcopenia, risk of falls and lifestyle diseases. In anonymized form, this information can inform public health strategies and policies. The primary purpose of community health screenings is to improve health outcomes. By catching diseases early, promoting healthier lifestyles, and providing needed healthcare services, these screenings can significantly enhance a community's overall health and well-being.

Project date: 2016 - ongoing

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