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Wheelz 4 Daily Life

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Providing activity tracking with a sensor for wheelchair users defines benchmarks for promoting healthy lifestyles and motor skill development milestones.

Paar genieten van buiten
What is Wheelz 4 Daily Life?

Inspired by academic work such as Wheelpower and a growing awareness of an inclusive society, shown by the increasing popularity of the Paralympic games. There is great momentum to leverage work around sensor technologies from the paralympic domain and make this available for the daily wheelchair user.

Data for Healthy Lifestyles

We learned that insights and goal settings are examples of successful strategies to activate people. However, no reference and benchmark are available for an active lifestyle comparable to 10k steps daily for an ambulant population. For wheelchair users and healthcare professionals, it is valuable to know how active someone is in their wheelchair. Hence, we suggest a sensor based tracking to track and educate people, like first pedometers and later smartphones did with ambulant people. To leverage the data, we defined the need for motor skill development milestones for all ages to work towards for effective, efficient and personalized lifestyle.

Project date: 2023 - ongoing

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