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'Biometric data give your feelings a voice.'


Kinetic Analysis bridges the gap from laboratory studies to real-world settings. There is a rich repertoire of methods for stress detection using various physiological signals and algorithms.

We propose a rule-based algorithm based on galvanic skin response and skin temperature heat-flux, previsouly facilitated with heart rate and lunghealth data. We combine empirical findings with expert knowledge to ensure transferability between laboratory settings and real-world field studies. Assuring that stress detection in real-life fosters a better understanding of circumstances that bring about physiological stress in humans.


Stress measurements

Field Hockey Stick


Adopt the latest innovations to increase the sustainability of your workforce. With our highly accurate stress-measuring wearables our experts guide you through new age pitch trainings, preparing you for next level sales pitches or have a real-time insight in how your physical-stress levels change throughout the day.  Learn how to better schedule your program based on your personal stress-response.


Only with clear and objective data, we can advise on a true understanding of happy and vital environments to live and work in.  Our system offers accuracy and supports urban planners and policymakers to understand real-world experiences based on biometric data. These insights lead to data-driven decision-making for the benefit of inhabitants, creating a happy city environment.


Being able to measure stress-levels in real-time in elderly-care residents is a valuable way to provide insight in the current state of mind of patients. By measuring the stress level of a patient in real-time with a stress-patch, caregivers can monitor the current stress-level of the patient with the use of an algorithm-based application. This way the caregiver can be alarmed when a raised level of stress is detected and it provides the possibility to react on a possible outburst of agitation before the outburst actually takes place.  

We are proud providers of lifestyle apps adopted by the European Commission

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