'Biometric data give your feelings a voice.'

Kinetic Analysis

Kinetic Analysis bridges the gap from laboratory studies to real-world settings. There is a rich repertoire of methods for stress detection using various physiological signals and algorithms.

We propose a rule-based algorithm based on galvanic skin response and skin temperature heat-flux, previsouly facilitated with heart rate and lunghealth data. We combine empirical findings with expert knowledge to ensure transferability between laboratory settings and real-world field studies. Assuring that stress detection in real-life fosters a better understanding of circumstances that bring about physiological stress in humans.


Stress measurements

Field Hockey Stick


Pitch trainings, ... Applying the latest motion capturing technology, we have delivered accuracy in its most refined form. We can identify strong and weak points and understand in its finest detail how the body works. Based on speed, stability, timing parameters we capture the unseen, leading to true personalised programs. Optimising performance while delivering an early injury assessment knowing where and how to reinforce the kinetic chain to reach its full potential.


Only with clear and objective data we can advise in true personalisation. Our system offers accuracy and supports coaches to prepare the most suitable program for their athletes based on the personalised blueprint. These insights will lead to a customised program to work for the benefit of the athlete to achieve its goals and optimise its actual performance. 


Working with a personalised and accurate program allows the athlete to improve and detect future injuries early. The insights that we provide can enhance the athlete's performance. Improving movement quality, working towards the optimal technique, and knowing when to train more and rest are crucial insights for true sports professionals.

We are proud providers to vitality apps adopted by the European Commission

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Providing Real-World Insights

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