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Track all 3D data in one app with SportsLapp.
Helping trainers, coaches, and therapists with using kinematics data. Improving performance of individuals on all levels.

BvOF 2020_0914_AGG license Brabant - Kinetic Analysis - Sportslapp.jpg

SportsLapp makes motion capturing easy with on-body sensors and an iPad application.

The application is mainly built to interpret biomechanical data with artificial intelligence, helping professional therapists, coaches, and trainers make decisions. With the right data-driven insights comes the most personalized approach for athletes and patients.

Project date: 2019 - ongoing

In recent years, wireless wearable sensors started to become a standard in sports performance assessment, offering solutions to the limitations of marker-based optical systems. In collaboration with Fysiotherapie Utrecht Oost and Fysiotherapie Dukenburgh, Kinetic

Analysis® brings motion capturing to the pitch and into clinical environments. SportssLapp supports more data-driven and meaningful decision-making based on objective kinematics data.

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