vital cities challenge

Improving vitality and health literacy throughout Europe


"Helping people with vitality, helping society with research"


Healthy is the new cool. So dust off your running shoes or bike and and start exercising and be part of the European Vital Cities Challenge!

Cities need to challenge more and more health problems that occur when adults step into older age. The increasing healthcare cost and aggravating disease burden are severe challenges to an ageing and more sedentary society. The European Vital Cities Challenge is empowering citizens to pursue a more vital lifestyle trough personal insights, learnings and fun. A combination of online and offline events for all ages, everywhere, for every activity level.

Being active and healthy becomes a new trend, and this is a success for society's collective wellbeing. There is an increased motivation for people to invest in themselves, leading to a better awareness of the impact of healthy choices for a more energized life. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) a vital city is conscious of health and strives to improve it. A growing group of people supporting the quantifying self-movement is ready for the next step and a new platform reinvents this initiative. The vitality platform helps to gain insight into personal health and vitality domains and shows cross-correlated views of measurements on various fields. E.g. how do activity patterns relate to sleeping patterns? However, understanding biometrical data was never an easy task and above all, needs a personal cause to become relevant for the user.


Kinetic Analysis® is a company specialized in human motion data creating an essential impact on people's lives, on a personal level by improving people's quality of life daily. On the other hand, on an economic scale, reducing health care costs while facilitating sustainable engagement. Scientific evidence, as well as significant audience feedback, drive Kinetic Analysis® to help more European areas to increase vitality among regions. Write to us to learn more insights or read our article in EU Cities of Sports and check the Erasmus+ Vital City Challenge project webpage.

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