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Woman's involvement in steady exercise (WISE) promotes active and healthy lifestyles among young women aged 15-24, tackling the gender gap existing in the practice of sport and physical activity and avoiding possible dropouts.

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The project is aimed at encouraging participation in sport and physical activity since its main objective is to determine the influence of exercise and healthy lifestyle on body composition of young women aged 15-24 and to define a specific WISE Programme. It is a multidimensional model of dependence between body composition, lifestyle and nutrition which would enable the programming of optimal patterns of behaviour in life habits as a planned corrective measure and stimulate the young women in the EU to avoid the dropout of sports

Project start: 2021 - ongoing

Kinetic Analysis supports the program in facilitating researchers with data collection via a bespoke WISE mobile app. Based on the data we contribute to a scientific evaluation and work towards evidence-driven sport policies.

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