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Prollator - a walker with ABS

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The Prollator prevents rollator-related accidents. This product provides a better quality of care for its user, by using smart automated braking to prevent falls.

What is the Prollator?

The prollator is a smart system that recognizes the risk full situations of the user to the walker. If a risk full situation occurs, the system will automatically block the wheels of the walker in order to give stability to the user and prevent a fall. This modular system can be applied to different types of walkers on the market. Our engineers developed the electronics and breaking logic and our clinical scientists validated the system with physiotherapists in nursing homes. 


Reducing healthcare costs 

The increasing pressure on healthcare staff is a growing concern within the healthcare industry due to staff shortages and an ageing population. Automated systems that support older adults and operate independently give time to healthcare professionals to focus on providing personal care. By preventing falls this solution benefits health econmics. The Prollator project was realized together with Lanefyld as initiator and with financial support from the province of North Brabant and the Dutch government.


Project date: 2022 - 2023

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