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For children with neurological disorders life is often defined by the struggle for mobility, hindered by conditions that demand specialized care and attention. RE:HOME redefines the future of pediatric rehabilitation by improving access to new technologies.

The Project

RE:HOME project aims to reduce the healthcare desert in the field of rehabilitation for children with neurological disorders in the North West Europe region by ensuring improved access to advanced technologies (exoskeleton modules, IT platform), developing standardized home training and learning programs with these technologies, and providing comprehensive care for children to rehabilitation centres, children’s homes and to industry, healthcare professionals, in the 4 countries involved. The 12 partners from Belgium, Germany, France and Netherlands will collaborate in the project up to 2028.

Three Stages of RE:HOME

The first stage is the development of technologies, and the second is the implementation of pre-pilots across four countries for paediatric neurological patients. This stage features a collaborative effort between health professionals and technical partners. The third one is the promotion of learning programs on exoskeleton modules, smart garments, rehab best practices, and IT use with key messages on technical advancements and innovative protocols. The Objectives of  RE:HOME: improve the life of children with neurological disorders in the domestic context by providing access to advanced technologies (exoskeleton modules and an IT platform) and standardized training programs to rehabilitation centres, children’s homes, industry and healthcare professionals. 

Project date: 2023 - ongoing

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