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SportsLapp enters the Rehabilitation domain

Updated: Jun 18

In the dynamic worlds of sports performance and rehabilitation, access to accurate and actionable data can make all the difference. Enter SportsLapp, a groundbreaking, easy to use motion capturing system that's changing the game for trainers, coaches, therapists, and athletes alike. By harnessing the power of kinematics data, SportsLapp offers a comprehensive solution to optimize performance and enhance recovery outcomes.

SportsLapp simplifies motion capturing with its innovative approach, combining on-body sensors with an intuitive iPad application. At its core, SportsLapp is designed to interpret biomechanical data using artificial intelligence, empowering professionals to make informed decisions tailored to each individual's needs. By leveraging kinematics data, SportsLapp delivers personalized insights that drive performance improvement and injury prevention.

Wireless on-body sensors have emerged as a game-changer in sports performance assessment, addressing the limitations of traditional marker-based optical systems. SportsLapp, established with leading experts from Motion Worx and Fysiotherapie Dukenburg, brings motion capturing capabilities to the field and clinical environments alike. By capturing objective kinematics data, using bespoke sensors developed by partner Vention Technologies, in a new MIT project. Kinetic Analysis automates the data-analysis processes and enables more data-driven and meaningful decision-making with the SportsLapp system, revolutionizing how athletes and patients approach their training and rehabilitation.

Precision Performance Analysis: With SportsLapp, trainers and coaches gain access to precise kinematics data that offers deeper insights into athlete performance. By understanding movement mechanics at a granular level, professionals can identify areas for improvement and tailor training programs accordingly, leading to enhanced athletic performance.

Personalized Rehabilitation Strategies: For therapists and clinicians, SportsLapp kinematics data provides invaluable insights into patient movement patterns and biomechanics. By leveraging this data, rehabilitation programs can be personalized to address specific deficiencies and accelerate recovery, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Objective Decision-Making: Unlike subjective assessments, kinematics data offers an objective basis for decision-making, reducing the guesswork involved in performance evaluation and treatment planning. SportsLapp empowers professionals to make evidence-based decisions that optimize results and minimize the risk of injury. Capturing objective insights on timing and coordination, SportsLapp completes the puzzle of often misunderstood clinical cases and recurrent injuries.

Accessibility and Ease of Use: The SportsLapp user-friendly interface and portable sensor technology make motion capturing accessible to a wide range of users, from elite athletes to recreational enthusiasts. Whether on the field or in the clinic, SportsLapp streamlines the data collection process, allowing professionals to focus on what matters most: improving performance and facilitating recovery.

The impact of SportsLapp data-logics are evident in numerous case studies and success stories across various elite athletes rehabilitation programs. From elite athletes seeking performance gains to individuals recovering from surgery, users have reported significant improvements in performance and recovery outcomes. By harnessing the power of kinematics data, SportsLapp is transforming how professionals approach training, rehabilitation, and performance optimization.

SportsLapp's innovative use of kinematics data represents a paradigm shift in sports performance assessment and rehabilitation. By providing access to accurate, objective data in real-time, SportsLapp empowers professionals to make informed decisions that drive performance improvement and facilitate optimal recovery. As the field of sports science continues to evolve, solutions like SportsLapp are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of athletic training and rehabilitation, unlocking new levels of performance and well-being for athletes and patients. This SportsLapp project is realized together with co-initiators dr. Igor Tak and dr. Rob Langhout and with financial support from the provinces of North Brabant and the Dutch government.


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